Is the day of the hastily-snatched pre-match MWC team photo now history?
As this year’s MWC organisers continue to introduce their own range of innovations, your MWC’14 team photo will be taken in a static ‘Cabo Stadium’, that will allow for an improvement in quality of this traditional feature of our annual summer footballfest.

While last year’s team photos were taken out on the pitches as and when possible, this year your commemorative photo will be taken in a static position using this new 4m x 3m ‘Cabo Stadium’ photographic backdrop. Each player will be provided with a copy of their team’s photo.

All photos will be taken during a few short scheduled slots next Saturday and Sunday, so do listen out for announcements and look out for the positioning of the backdrop, at the small all-weather pitch.

Do ensure that your kit is clean and boots polished for this new type of photo!