Cabo’s newest Cub has an identity crisis and needs your help!

By now, you’ll have seen images of our new mascot, developed by this year’s organisers for MWC’14.

He’ll feature a lot over the coming fortnight as you come down to Kilbogget to participate in and enjoy the tournament.

Who knows, if he makes a lot of friends over the coming weeks and gets a great name, we may even get to keep him to represent the club as a whole into the future!

However, he doesn’t yet have a name! Can you help? Would you like to be in with a chance to win a copy of EA Sports’ 2014 World Cup game, for your device of choice?

This competition is only open to all player participants in MWC’14 and will close at 11.00pm on Thursday, June 12.

The winner will then be announced at the MWC awards ceremony on Saturday, June 14.

20140526 Cabinteely FC Cabo Cub mascot

20140601 EA World Cup 01

To enter, please complete the form below. Your choice of name must be only one word long, of a reasonable length. Entries with any more than one word will be rejected. Only one entry per person is allowed, so do have a think before submitting your suggestion.

When you’ve submitted your entry, scroll down to the form once more to check if it has reported any error. If so, you’ll have to modify and re-submit it. If it has been accepted it will have disappeared.

Good luck with this and don’t forget to enjoy MWC’14 as you think of a name!