2016 Kilbogget football ends on Sunday fortnight
All our grass pitches which, as you may know, we operate under licence from DLR County Council, will close after the weekend of December 3-4 and will not re-open for the New Year until the weekend of January 14-15.

Therefore we’ll have no home games during that period, so do enjoy the break.

Equally, our 2016 Cubs, Kittens, Pumas and Cougars Saturday morning sessions will come to an end that weekend too.

However, all activity will not cease as, for one, a certain visitor – guess who – will be visiting the clubhouse at 9.30am on Saturday, December 10 – all are welcome.

Don’t forget to tell your parents that it is most important for you to go directly to the clubhouse at your normal Saturday morning time (not to the pitch!) so that you won’t be late for this key appointment!

20131208 Santa large
Looks like someone is going to be busy during the forthcoming break!