Another MWC’17 bulletin while you await Tuesday’s excitement!
Team Photos
Firstly, well done and thank you to everyone who has sent in your team photos. We’ve now received just over 50% of our 109 team groups, some of which really do illustrate well the character of the team!

Despite that great effort, we do need the same again if we’re to capture an image of every one of our magnificent 109 MWC’17 team groups, to help fully illustrate the tournament for 2017.

So we’re making a call to all those Dads, Mums and every one of the thousands standing on the sidelines to check here if we have an image of your child’s team. If not, please take a minute on Tuesday evening to take a shot on your phone or camera and send it in for the website. Thank you.

Players and Teams
The good news is that we now have 1,117 playing participants in MWC’17. As a consequence, some teams will have changed and all changes are now up on the site. Do check your own to see if you’ve any new team mates.

We’ve had a few appeals as to the correctness of a few scores already recorded and, accordingly, the MWC’s own ‘CCCC’ has had to step in, assess the information available and adjudicate.

Some of the errors were down to finger or recording trouble but all have now been resolved and the corrected situations now stand, as noted on the Group pages.

MWC Photos
It looks like you’re enjoying the tournament photos as we may have set a new Cabo Flickr record for views, with almost 35,000 such on Saturday! We hope that you spotted yourself in there on one of the days.

All Whites
While you’re waiting for tomorrow’s action, have a look at a short video taken at the Cabo v New Zealand game last Tuesday. You’ll also see the NZ match report here.

There’s a lot of background activity going on, even if not on the pitch.