Was this just one step too far?
On Saturday, while we were wrapping up MWC’17 our two Cabo Cougars teams went out to Peamount United FC to play in the final Special Olympics Eastern Region games of the season.

Both teams did their best on the day but unfortunately both lost their two games, probably due to the great effort put in by the lads during MWC’17, when, if you remember, Group J had its final on Thursday. They probably hadn’t recovered from the post-tournament revelry!

The Cabo 1 lads were beaten 9-1 in their first game and 5-0 in their second while the Cabo 2 lads fared only a touch better as they were beaten 7-4 and 4-1 in their two games.

Well done to all the players from both teams and managers Jock Burns, Tommy Flynn, John Robinson and Kellie McLaughlin. Also, a big thanks are due to all the parents who came out to support the lads.

20170508 Cougars 01
Sounds like the lads have both league winning and MWC hangovers!