This evening all set up for exciting action
As you’ll probably know, while this evening has the fewest matches (40) of all our MWC’17 sessions, it’s likely to be the most exciting.

Yes, every one of this evening’s games has the possibility of going to extra time of five minutes each way and a penalty shoot out, so do anticipate much whoopin’ and hollerin’  from all quarters of Kilbogget as the evening progresses (probably not to schedule!).

Most of the games are group quarter-finals, but we do have the culmination of Group J, with a cup final at 7.15pm.

Good luck to all, including all our voluntary referees!

All 67 squad photos received to date have been added to the team pages, but we still need those final 42 (check those in red on the list) to complete the set. Please take a minute before the tournament ends on Saturday to capture your favourite team.

That substantial collection of lost items is still piled up in the clubhouse, so do take an additional minute to call in and pick up anything that you may have lost. If they’re not spoken for and collected soon, they’ll be given away.

Do support the boys and girls, whether in victory or defeat!