Worldwide impact of our very own MWC!
We all know that MWC’17 was great fun as we all supported various countries from around the world while they were in action in Kilbogget for two great weeks.

Well, looking in was the world itself (and his/her mother, we feel)!

As we look back over the thirty days since the MWC teams were announced, we see that:

  • we’ve hosted 22,332 sessions on the website with 249,240 page views by 6,940 unique users from up to 80 countries and territories worldwide (in blue in the image above) – 96% from Ireland, of course! Sunday, June 11, saw the highest number of users, at 973 in total.
  • we’ve attracted 341,200 tweet impressions (the number of times a tweet was seen)  and welcomed our 5,000th Twitter follower this week. Our most viewed MWC tweet was that with the June 8 results – 3,042 impressions.
  • our now 24,246 photos on Flickr gathered 261,387 views, having passed the 3,000,000th view just before the end of May, so we’re well on the way to the 4,000,000th! The busiest MWC day was June 11, with 34,392 views!
  • our Facebook pages, here and here, were visited by 116,745 people.
  • and, finally, our Instagram site was accessed by 59,272 people.

Of course, particularly for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the accesses did not relate exclusively to the MWC, but are due to the broad reach of the club as a whole, from Junior Cubs all the way up to League of Ireland!

Do continue to keep an eye on the various club accounts to stay abreast of what’s happening!