So much action to enjoy on what should be a great day
It looks like the weather gods will on our side as we prepare for the final, marathon, 82-game MWC’17 session. Everybody gets to play at least once more, bar Group J which finished last evening, in the full schedule for the day (referees will be added to this page a little later).

While you await our later tournament kick-off time of 2.00pm due to the need to accommodate regular league and cup games now that the league calendars have change, do enjoy last evening’s photos if you hadn’t already spotted them in the sidebar! They’re also in the slide show below (really enjoyed best on a big screen in a darkened room!).

We’ve also received a few more squad photos in the past 24 hours, thanks, and 74 team pages are now complete. But we do need 35 more! Is that too much to ask, given that we’ve been able to share almost 1,000 MWC photos on Flickr with everyone out there? For those involved in the teams still in red, please avail of this final opportunity to capture a team that’ll never play together ever again!

If there was a prize for a bit of effort in the team photos, we suspect that Guinea might just clinch it (so far!).

Awards Ceremonies
In the hope of expediting tomorrow’s awards ceremonies, particularly as we’re starting late this year, your organising committee is arranging the presentation area into three distinct sections. Players will be given their individual awards in the leftmost one, pick up any team trophy, meet the dignitaries and have their photos taken in the second and receive their goody bags in the third.

Key to this is a smooth flow across the three areas and key to that is that every team must keep together and go to the presentation area as soon its participation in the tournament is finished. Committee members will provide directions. Hopefully, if everything runs to schedule, the overall ceremony duration will be much reduced. Please support the volunteers in their efforts. Thank you.

Parents will be able to take photos when the teams are lined up and can meet their children at the end once they receive their goody bags.

Finally, do note that there’s quite a substantial collection of lost items building up in the clubhouse. If they’re not spoken for and collected soon, they’ll be given away.

Time for a good sleep and don’t forget the sun protection!