Short, but sharp and to the point
There was something riding on every one of the 40 MWC’17 matches out in Kilbogget this evening – and it showed!

The all-round competitiveness of the games was reflected in the facts that we only saw 138 goals across the 40 games and six went all the way to the tension of the dreaded penalty shoot-out.

Over in Group J, the lads had to play to a conclusion as they have a league commitment on Saturday. In the end, Ireland (above)  came out on top in an exciting final.

Do click on the MWC main page to check your team’s results and revised draw for Saturday, all of which have now been updated.

We’ll have some more photos of the evening’s play for you to enjoy tomorrow.

20170530 Nissan 00
Now to draw a sharp breath in preparation for Saturday’s marathon!