Wrapping up another annual Cabo footballfest
Well, another successful Cabo MWC is all over, bar the shouting – and there won’t be a lot of that!

While the organising committee reviews the event with half an eye on next year, we’ve finally got all all Saturday’s photos for you to enjoy, if you hadn’t already spotted them in the sidebar! They’re also in the slide show below.

Daniel Kinsella Award
The MWC Fair Play Trophy in memory of Daniel Kinsella was awarded to Glen Broughan of Cameroon. Well done to Glenn for having been selected by the tournament committee. Our understanding is that Glenn will be presented with the award at training tomorrow evening by club chairman, Michael Galvin.

MWC Raffle Results
Thanks to everyone who entered our MWC raffle on Saturday. We had a great response and our congratulations go to the following winners. Looks like they’re going to enjoy themselves!

  • 1st: Olwen Lewins – Lunch x 4 with two bottles of wine in The Sallynoggin Inn
  • 2nd: Carol Turner – Lunch x 4 with two bottles of wine in The Sallynoggin Inn
  • 3rd: John Butler – Ireland Jersey
  • 4th: Mary Morrissey – Champagne afternoon tea for two in the Intercontinental Hotel

Your Team Photos
A big thank you to all those parents, relations, friends, managers and coaches who sent in 84 squad photos. As you can see, Group J and M are complete, with D and G just one team short of a complete set.

We’re still 25 short in total, so if you do have a shot of your team that you haven’t yet sent in, please do so as soon as you can, before we forget all about it. Thanks.

Lost Property
The mound of lost property collected during the MWC will be kept only until the end of June. If you feel that you may have something to collect, do call before the end of the month during office hours (on the right).

If you miss the office hours, you may be able to gain access at other times as the caretakers are normally in or around the clubhouse every weekday morning.

Well done to everyone involved, let’s hope that you enjoyed it!