We need you to take the photos!
By now, you’ll have noted a space, with a message, to the right of your country’s flag on your MWC team’s page on the site. Those of you who’ve participated in the past will know that we normally get a team photo for that spot once the competition gets going.

However, as we found last year, given the huge number of MWC teams and pitches and the fact that the majority of games share kick-off times, it’ll be almost impossible to obtain our traditional squad photos for every team during the full duration of the event.

So, we’re going to re-apply last year’s almost successful solution and ask all parents/guardians/relations/friends/even players – or, at least, one per team – to take their team’s photo, please.

Yes, we’re asking someone involved with each team to take a squad photo and send it in for the website and to do so sooner rather than later, as time does slip by so quickly!

In total, it should take no more than two minutes of your time, the burden will have been spread and you’ll have played an important part in recording MWC’17!

How about it?

So, will you submit your team photo to this email address as soon as you can so that we can fill all those blank spaces! When sending your email, please ensure to insert your team name in the subject line, thanks.

There’s a single technical requirement in that your photo should be in landscape format. Ideally, it should be in a 4:3 ratio, as large as you like, but not too small, if you can set that on your camera or phone or crop it on your computer, but we won’t hold you to that! Good luck and thanks for making this your contribution to the success of the MWC.

Do get those photos in quickly, so that your team’s page can be completed. Thank you!