Club Awards Day scheduled for Saturday, November 18
The club’s Social Committee is excited to announce that our Awards Day will take place on the afternoon of Saturday November 18, in the Sallynoggin Inn. The event will kick-off at 2.00pm and conclude at 5.00pm. All teams from all areas of the club, including League of Ireland, will be attending.

Managers and teams need to prepare for the event, as follows:

During the next seven days

  • Make parents and children aware of this big day for the club and promote attendance. There is no cost to attend.
  • Organize a vote amongst your team members where they pick your team’s ‘Player of the Year’.  Keep the result secret!
  • Select your management team’s ‘Player of the Year’.  Keep that result secret too!
  • Respond to Olwen Lewins, from the social committee (on 086 354 1686), with your name, team and number of players/parents you expect to attend the event.

Prior to event

  • Send both of your ‘Player of the Year’  nominations to Olwen.
  • If your team has won a trophy during the past twelve months let Olwen know and arrange to bring the trophy on the day.
  • Continue to promote the event with children and parents to ensure maximum attendance at what will be a great club event. Confirm likely number of attendees with Olwen.
  • Send on names of any player in your squad who has been picked for a regional or national representative squad (Ireland, Dublin, SDFL, DDSL, MGL, Special Olympics etc.).

On the day

  • Arrive no later than 2.00pm. Based on the names provided an award will be made to each ‘Player of the Year’.  We’ll have a club LoI player with us to present each award.
  • Team trophies won will be re-presented to winning teams.
  • Proud mention will be made of our members who have achieved representative honours.

If you’ve any questions please contact Olwen on the number above without delay.

A little work for all teams, managers and coaches to make a successful event!