Are we now all set for this evening?
Now that the refs have volunteered and been appointed for this evening and even Thursday (they’re really keen!) , it looks like things are in place for the great MWC’18 kick-off this evening.

While we understand that MWC passions can run high (and not only on the pitch!), do give the lads and ladies in the centre your best respect, thanking them for their efforts as they ensure that this evening’s 55 games will go ahead. Without them, nothing happens!

While you’re enjoying yourself, don’t forget to take a squad photo and send it in to this email address as soon as you can so that we can fill all those blank spaces on the team pages!

This applies to all parents/guardians/relations/friends/even players and don’t wait until every squad member is available. Start this evening and then replace it with a better/more complete photo at a later date. With your help, we’ll soon have an all-green team photo page!

When sending your email, please ensure to insert your team name in the subject line, thanks.

There’s a single technical requirement in that your photo should be in landscape format. Ideally, it should be in a 4:3 ratio, as large as you like, but not too small, if you can set that on your camera or phone or crop it on your computer, but we won’t hold you to that! Good luck and thanks for making this your contribution to the success of the MWC.

Do get those photos in quickly, so that your team’s page can be completed. Thank you!
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