While you await tomorrow’s kick-off…
Tomorrow will see the final 82 games in our 2018 MWC as everyone gets to play for the many medals and trophies available. Just like an All-Ireland medal, those lucky enough to take away a Cabinteely MWC equivalent remembers it for life!

Note that we’ve just received a corrected penalty shoot-out result for last evening’s Group D’s Italy v Luxembourg match that now puts Italy into the cup semi-final and Luxembourg into the plate semi-final, so do please re-check your match times.

While you’re eagerly awaiting the 2.00pm kick-off, do enjoy the updated team photo page, now with 86 teams in. Well done to Group G, H and L, which are complete, and Groups D, F, K and M, which have only one team each to complete! Groups C, E and N are doing very well too! Note that it’s all smiles in the Fiji team pic below!

So, if your team is one of the missing 20, you’re definitely playing tomorrow so there’s no excuse not to take that photo and get those cameras and phones out, support your own Group and do please, please have your photo taken and send it in to this email address so that we can complete the 2018 set. Thanks.

20180615 Fiji 500 00
Finally, if you haven’t yet noticed them, please enjoy Thursday’s photos, also in the slide show below.

Looking forward to the stuff of memories tomorrow!

20180530 Nissan 00