Never mind the WC, we’ve got the MWC!
This evening sees the fewest number of games in a single MWC’18 session – just 38 – but they’re all quarter-finals, with everything to play for!

So while we’re scheduled to play from 6.00pm until about 8.30pm, all timings and, indeed, pitches are subject to change due to the likelihood of numerous bouts of extra time and penalty shoot-outs, so do listen out for announcements.

You will have noticed that our team photo page is well on the way, with 79 teams now in. Well done to Group G, which is complete, and Groups D and L, which have only one team each to complete! Groups C, F, K, M and N are doing very well too!

So, if your team is one of the missing 27, get those cameras and phones out, support your own Group and do please, please have your photo taken this evening and send it in to this email address as soon as you can. Let’s try to get them all done for posterity! Thanks.

Finally, if you haven’t yet noticed them, please enjoy Tuesday’s photos, also in the slide show below.

We’ve had warmer weather, and cooler, and perhaps wind this evening, but the MWC continues on!

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