Sunday’s tables and Saturday’s photos
With 258 games now played in the wonderful MWC’18, we’re now preparing for a further week of increasing excitement as we move into the play-off stages for some groups.

Today’s 61 games saw 293 goals scored (e&oe!!!)  as Groups A to E move into the sectional quarter-final phase on Tuesday. These games will be hard-fought as all other groups complete their league rounds (some of which will amount to knockout games!).

As before, we’ve been notified of a couple of Saturday scores that were incorrectly recorded and have now been corrected in the updated group tables following today’s play. Do check yours to confirm that all is correct.

We continue to update the team photo page and we have a few more on hand, thanks, to add in before Tuesday, by when we’ll bring you a further update.

Finally, please enjoy a good few photos taken on Saturday, also in the slide show below. Sunday’s will follow before too long.

Time for a breather as we anticipate a week of knockout action!

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