Today saw the culmination of a great two weeks, weather included!
That’s it – the final 82 MWC’18 games were played today in Kilbogget – multiple knockout games – play-offs, semi-finals and finals – 332 goals (one more than 2017 and 1,970 overall – at last count!), fifteen periods of extra time and, to crown it all, the agony and ecstasy of ten penalty shoot-outs.

We’ll have further updates, including the final group results, and all the day’s photos in the next day or so, together with some more team photos so do have a look in over the coming days.

On that last point, we’ll still accept your team photo if your team is still in red on the photo list page. So, if you happen to have a photo of your team, please dig it out and send it in without delay. Thank you.

Meanwhile, see the full list of winners below.

Group A – Nigeria
20180616 Winner A Nigeria
Group B – Egypt
20180616 Winner B Egypt
Group C – Argentina
20180616 Winner C Argentina
Group D – Greece
20180616 Winner D Greece
Group E – Germany
20180616 Winner E Germany
Group F – South Korea
20180616 Winner F South Korea
Group G – Trinidad & Tobago
20180616 Winner G Trinidad & Tobago
Group H – Norway
20180616 Winner H Norway
Group K – Bangladesh
20180616 Winner K Bangladesh
Group L – New Zealand
20180616 Winner L New Zealand
Group M – Niger
20180616 Winner M Niger
Group N – Angola
20180616 Winner N Angola
Daniel Kinsella Fair Play Award – Alex Kinsella
20180618 DKinsella Award
Finally, thanks to everyone who helped clean up the park today as it meant our regular volunteers, who gave it all from early in the morning, only had the presentation area to tidy up after the formal ceremonies concluded.

What can we say – just a great well done to one and all!