While the fun has finished, the memories remain!
Yes, MWC’18 is no more, other than in our memories, and all the tidying up afterwards! On the latter and if you lost anything during the fortnight, don’t forget to check out the boxes of lost property in the clubhouse before it’s all moved on!

To help jog those great memories, please enjoy our final set of photos, taken on Saturday, also in the slide show below.

On the subject of photos, thanks to all who sent in your squad shots. Between us all, we’ve managed to obtain all but three teams’ photos – much better than last year! So, if your team is one of the missing ones and you happen to have a team photo, please send it to this email address so that we can complete the 2018 set. Thanks.

A final view of the numbers in respect of the event shows:

  • 1,044 players
  • 139 registered managers and assistants
  • 200 volunteers of all types, including the essential referees
  • 106 teams
  • 18 pitches
  • 421 games
  • 1,974 goals
  • 25 periods of extra time
  • 18 penalty shoot-outs
  • 44 sponsors in addition to main sponsor Nissan Ireland – don’t forget them
  • 5,000+ on-line users from 55 different countries
  • just under 300,000 photo views to date
  • 3,000 burgers
  • …and many more

Here’s looking forward to MWC’19 (some work already beginning!)

20180530 Nissan 00