Mixed results for our lads and ladies in Blanchardstown
This morning our two Cabo Cougars teams travelled out to Blanchardstown for their latest blitz.

Cabo 1 won both their games. They ran out 4-1 winners in the first but found the second a little tougher as they had to come back from being 1-4 down at half-time to win 9-5! Well done to them.

Cabo 2 responded to the loss of their first game on a 0-7 scoreline by drawing their second 5-5. So plenty of action and goals for them this morning!

Well done to all the lads and ladies and thanks to managers Jock Burns and Tommy Flynn (Cabo 1) and Kellie McLoughlin (Cabo 2) also thanks to all the parents for their support.

A special thanks also to Cabo’s little mascot, Harry McLoughlin.

Some great action for all in Blanchardstown today!