We’ll have plenty of Blitz activity for you on Saturday!
On Saturday, both Cabo Cougars teams host their first home Blitz of the new season in the Special Olympics Eastern Region league.

As both teams are in Division 3 for this season, competition will be intense and we can also anticipate a hard-fought home derby during the year!

On Saturday, play kicks off at 11.00am with Cabo 1 playing Cheeverstown and Cabo 2 taking on Dundrum. Later on, the Cabo 2 squad faces Cheeverstown at 12.00 noon and, at 12.45pm, the Cabo 1 lads are up against Magpies.

(Later edit: As we’ve been advised on Friday afternoon that Cheeverstown can’t now make the Blitz, the two Cabo teams will play their derby at 12.00 noon – surely a sight to behold if you can get out to see it!).

Our visitors will, of course, be playing each other too during the late morning and early afternoon – so there’ll be quite a lot of activity going on throughout the period.

Good luck to the lads!

20160930-53-cabo-cougars-team-2-3306-smallDo join us for at least part of the period to enjoy some lively play!