The Cougars’ 26 scores tell different stories
As you know, on Saturday, our two Cabo Cougars teams played each other in a very local derby in the Special Olympics Eastern Region league, with Cabo 1 coming out on top on a 7-2 scoreline.

However, today, Cabo 2 bounced back well from any disappointment as they took to the field first in the ALSAA Complex Blitz and showed their true colours by overcoming a good Prosper Fingal side on a 7-0 scoreline.

On the other hand, Cabo 1 had a difficult top-of-the-table clash with Dundrum and found the going a lot harder. They were down 2-4 at half-time and then had the further misfortune to concede yet another goal before they got into their stride.

Perhaps yesterday’s efforts had upset their rhythm but when they got going they had three successful and unanswered strikes late in the second half to leave the final result as 5-5. That must have felt like a win for the lads!

Delighted with their weekend’s efforts, the lads would like to thank all the managers and supporters for travelling out watch the matches and support the players throughout. Well done to the lads and also a special thanks to little mascot, Harry!

20160930-52-cabo-cougars-team-1-3310-smallWonderful performances and well-deserved results for all!