Reversion to winter season for 2019/20
See the message below, just received from the DDSL in which we have 41 teams.

“Dear Club Secretary,
As a result of the statement issued by the FAI/SFAI yesterday, the league has made the decision to revert back to the standard season in September for the 2019/20 season, in line with the school year.

This decision, after consultation with the SFAI, other leagues and other stakeholders, has been made following the results of the recent club survey and substantial feedback from our clubs.

As a result, all league matches (U-12 to Youths) will cease on the weekend of May 25/26 – with the exception of the small sided games (U-8/9/10/11); these latter are scheduled to finish on the weekend of June 22/23.

All cup competitions are expected to be completed by the end of June. Finals will be played throughout that month – after which all football activities will cease on June 30.

July will be a closed month and clubs are free to hold trials/Mini World Cups or street leagues during this period. From August 1 players may be registered by clubs on the FAInet system.

Applications to join the league for the 2019/20 season
Team applications can be made on the ClubForce system in the month of July. Please note the changes in the year in which the players are born below:

  • U-8s – players born 2012
  • U-9s – players born 2011
  • U-10s – players born 2010
  • U-11s – players born 2009
  • U-12s – players born 2008
  • U-13s – players born 2007
  • U-14s – players born 2006
  • U-15s – players born 2005
  • U-16s – players born 2004
  • Youths – players born 2003/2002

League registration fees
All clubs that have paid their registration fees for the full 2019 calendar season will be issued a 50% credit towards the fees for the 2019/20 season, now starting in September. More details will be provided later.

We would like to thank clubs in advance for their assistance and patience in the implementation of these changes in this ongoing process. Further information will be made available at the next meeting of clubs, date to be confirmed.”

No doubt you’ll be hearing more later and through your team managers.