Yes, MWC’19 will be nothing more than a memory after tomorrow!
We’ve a marathon MWC’19 day ahead tomorrow, with 82 games scheduled. Every one of them is a decider and all 1,102 players will have an opportunity get to play. Surely it’ll be a memorable day for them, especially those playing in their final Cabo MWC.

Of course, we’ll have extra time and penalties in all matches if required, so the schedule, running from 10.00am through to about 3.30pm, may not be as smooth as depicted here. That might cause pitches to be changed, to facilitate a timely finish, so do listen out for announcements to that effect.

Of course, we’ll have medal ceremonies for all Groups as soon as finals start to complete. Again, do listen to announcements for specific times.

You will probably already have heard our PA announcements about the mound of lost property – mostly discarded clothes and football gear but also some valuable items – that we’ve collected in the clubhouse during the tournament? Well, tomorrow is your final opportunity to reclaim any item that you may have lost during the fortnight. If not reclaimed tomorrow, it’ll all be given to charity next week.

Thanks to those who sent in several more team photos. We now have 82 in, with four groups fully complete, and just 27 to go, so your last chance to record your team on the website for posterity is tomorrow. Please don’t let the team and the site down. Thanks.

For this evening, do enjoy Thursday’s photo selection. We’ll have tomorrow’s photos at some point over the weekend, as time allows!

Don’t forget to call the MWC Hotline of 086 040 2002 without delay with any query or comment relating to the tournament. Thanks.

Do come out and enjoy this special day in the life of a young footballer!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01