MWC’19 hits peak intensity over the next two days
With 91 games tomorrow and 61 on Sunday, teams will play a number of times over the weekend and there’ll be plenty of action to enjoy as the league tables begin to settle down.

Note that last evening’s total goal count has been increased to 280 after an incorrectly recorded match result was reviewed and made right.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity over the weekend to help get rid of all the red on our team photo page. Well done to those who’ve sent in the 26 teams that we have already – 25% complete!

Also, while waiting for the weekend’s action, do enjoy last evening’s photo selection, also in the slide show below. Perhaps you’ll spot yourself in there!

Do call the MWC Hotline if you’ve any query about the tournament.

Let’s hope that we get to avoid the forecast weekend showers!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01