Football fun in the park for the second evening in a row!
We hope that you’re all ready for a second helping of MWC’19 fun as we anticipate a further 53 MWC games in Kilbogget.

Looking back at Wednesday’s session, we’ve been notified of one incorrectly recorded match result, in Group H, which has now been rectified. There may be another that the stewards are currently following up. More news later. Apologies for the inconvenience. Do let the MWC Hotline know if you’re aware of any others.

Also, while waiting for this evening’s action, do enjoy last evening’s photo selection, also in the slide show below. Perhaps you’ll spot yourself in there!

While we’re on the topic of photos, we’ve received only five team photos from parents (thank you for your contributions; we’ll have them on the site a little later). We do need the other 104, so please do take them this evening and send them to this email address as soon as you can so that we can fill all those blank spaces on the team pages!

When sending your email, please ensure to insert your team name in the subject line, thanks.

If you’ve any MWC-related queries at all please call the MWC Hotline of 086 0402 002 without delay. Thanks.

Looking forward to another great evening’s MWC football!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01