Football fun in the park for the second evening in a row!
Well, that was a much better evening despite the attempt at a hail shower!

Yes, MWC’19 fun is 106 games and just about one quarter way through. If you haven’t managed to get out to enjoy the fun, make sure that you do before it all slips away for another year.

This evening saw 271 goals – lower than last evening as players get to know each other – as all teams play their second game of the tournament.

All results and updated league tables have been published, so do visit the MWC’19 sub-site and check your own. Do let the MWC Hotline know immediately if you spot any error in the numbers.

We hope that you’ve had a chance to review Wednesday’s photos and we’ll have this evening’s selection for you tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday break as you anticipate a big MWC’19 weekend, with 152 games to enjoy!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01