40 MWC games to be played to a conclusion
Let’s hope that this evening brightens up, weatherwise. It’ll certainly do so on the pitches of MWC’19 as we see 38 games, each of which must be played to a conclusion so could have extra time and penalties, as we reach the penultimate session of MWC’19.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the tournament to date and will do so both this evening and Saturday.

Some teams have had a few changes since our last update, partly to accommodate the now 1,102 players involved (49 more than last year); so we hope that everyone gets a fair period of play and has fun in your remaining games.

Thanks to those who sent in several more team photos. We now have 77 in, with four groups fully complete, so will everyone else send in a photo this evening so that we can complete the set!

We hope that you’ve caught up with Tuesday’s photo selection by now; if not, there may be time to do so before our 6.00pm kick-off this evening.

Don’t forget to call the MWC Hotline of 086 040 2002 without delay with any query or comment relating to the tournament. Thanks.

Expect yet another great MWC evening as there seems to be a slight upturn in the conditons!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01