How to make your MWC’19 visit worth your while
While you’re enjoying your time at our MWC’19 games, don’t forget to purchase a draw ticket in our annual MWC raffle.

All funds raised will be used to upgrade the club’s current facilities and invest further in our ‘player pathway’. Your contribution will really help as you hope for one of the substantial prizes.

Tickets were provided to all MWC players in the team manager packs and will also be available in the club office.

The draw will take place on Saturday afternoon, during the MWC awards ceremony.

Could we also ask that anyone who has sold their tickets drop the stubs back to the office with all associated funds, of course! This may be done as soon as possible but definitely by close of play on Thursday evening.

Thank you all for your support – both sellers and purchasers!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01