This evening will be tense for some MWC teams
With Sectional Quarter-finals in Groups A-E and league position defining matches in all the other groups, this evening’s 45 MWC’19 games, while low in number, will be all the more keenly fought out as teams do need to make their mark!

Do especially keep an eye on pitches 5, 6 and 11 through to 18 for any likely periods of extra time and penalty shoot-outs. Of course, if we do get any such, later match timings could be stretched out and perhaps even a pitch change or two could be called for, so do listen carefully to all announcements.

We’ve had notice of one score correction in Group L, so that has been updated. If you’ve any other changes to be notified or, indeed, any other MWC-related queries at all please call the MWC Hotline of 086 0402 002 without delay. Thanks.

While you’re awaiting this evening’s much anticipated action do enjoy Saturday’s photo selection, which we eventually managed to upload. Let’s hope that this evening’s selection will be available more speedily!

Do also have a look at our team photos page – it’s really coming on very well, with the majority of teams (68) now in – it’s almost a sea of green!

Well done to Group H – the first to have all teams in. Now it’s up to everyone else to complete their groups, so please don’t be shy with your phone or camera this evening!

Do come out and enjoy the action on what looks like a nice evening!

20190525 MWC Mooneys 01