UEFA/FAI building up a corps of volunteers
In case you hadn’t noticed it on their website, The FAI has been in touch to advise that time is running out for volunteers to register to assist with the finals of EURO 2020 which, as you may know, will be played out in twelve host European cities of which Dublin is one.

So the FAI’s EURO 2020 Volunteer Manager, Paul Martyn, has sent all clubs an appeal, seeking that members have a think about the opportunity and share the thought with family, friends, neighbours and other contacts.

If you’d like to show your interest in the opportunity – see range of roles in the poster below – do indicate so without delay at this UEFA link and help Dublin play a full part in the tournament (let’s hope that Mick and the lads do their bit too!).

All applications will then be reviewed during the coming period and Paul and his staff will be in touch with you in due course.

20190929 Euro 01
Perhaps we can all qualify for the EUROs?