July 17, 2009: Culmination of 2009 FAI Summer Soccer School in Kilbogget

Everyone gets an FAI ball

Rory O'Hare applauds the parents

Rory and Tanya with the certs

Another Successful Venture
Once again, the National Irish Bank sponsored FAI Summer Soccer School came to Kilbogget and was enjoyed by 100 young players, both club members and guests.

The course ran for all of last week, with plenty of experience of dodging the regular summer showers included in the experience!

It was ably led by local Football Development Officer, Rory O'Hare, who seems to pop up in most of the photos on this page!

Rory and his six coaching colleagues certainly kept all the young players fully occupied during the week and all gave the coaches a great round of applause during the closing ceremony.

Also in attendance was for the award-giving was Declan Manley, manager of the Dún Laoghaire branch of the National Irish Bank.

The players were divided into six coaching groups by age and during the week each enhanced their skills and enjoyed their mini games under the keen and expert eye of their own dedicated coach.

In making his closing comments, Rory O'Hare announced that the children were all a credit to their parents and Cabinteely FC and were impeccably responsive, causing him and his team no difficulties whatsoever during their sessions.

So, well done to all - players, parents and coaches - for ensuring that everyone had a great week!

Let's hope that all the players get plenty of opportunity to exhibit their newly-honed skills during the upcoming season!

Here's looking forward to next year.

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Presentation ceremony

... and another view

One happy group

Parents and siblings much in evidence

Let's see what's on your cert

Shy about Mum's photograph

Boys and girls all enjoyed the week

One for everyone in the audience

And another happy group

Coach Ross Zambra's group

Declan Manley switched sides for this one!

Yes, they all received certs too!

As did the final, oldest, group.

Rory O'Hare and his coaching crew

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