Football Coaching - The Cabo Way - Introduction

The Challenge

Best summed up by the retort of a young seven-year old aspiring Cabo Zidane Cub recently to head coach Gavin when the latter asked him to demonstrate his skills – “In my old club, if you did skills, they made you do laps!”.

Yes – we have a job on our hands! Just look at some of the displays we see in our stadia and on our televisions and contrast them with, for example, those of the likes of Barcelona and Spain. After all the name of the game is 'Association Football', not airball or hoofball or any other type of xxxball!

That’s what we want ALL our players – U-5 to Senior, boy, girl, man, lady, Special Needs - to aspire to, no matter what their individual abilities are on first joining us.

Yes, we are here to help you to learn, in a manner that we call 'Guided Discovery', how to play football in the best way possible!

Getting to Here

Our hugely successful Saturday morning player-centred School of Excellence has been continuously developing over the past twenty years, to the point where we now have up to 150 Cubs, Kittens and Special Needs players developing their mastery of the ball and playing skills under the tutelage of Director of Football Pat Finnerty and his cadre of coaches, but in a fun environment using positive learning experiences, in a Coerver-styled approach.

Evidence of this achievement is clear when one observes the selection of Cabo Cubs who’ve graduated and brought this style of play right through, even to our successful Senior teams over that 20-year period.

The club is responding to the need to ensure that this organically developed approach becomes fully integral to the way all club players are developed by implementing an upgraded player development pathway and a supportive coaching structure, underpinned with the expertise available from the world-famous Coerver Coaching Method.

Where We're Going - Objectives

  1. To establish a singular, cohesive and overarching approach to the club’s football development.
  2. To develop Cabo’s own in-house player and coach development curriculum.
  3. To have every club player positively impacted by the new structures and developments.
  4. To enhance the recruitment and retention of players and coaches.
  5. To establish Cabinteely FC as a forerunner in the development of players in Ireland.

The Challenge
Getting to Here
Where We're Going - Objectives

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