Cabo Global Challenge (@ January 9, 2011)

January 2011 - We've had some difficulty with the statistics that we use to drive this feature and will be working to resolve the problem in the near future. We'll then get back to presenting the full set of detailed information for you. We do know though that we've been accessed from 81 countries worldwide by now!

Welcome to Cabo's Global Challenge, where we want to cover the globe with our green! The map below highlights those countries and territories around the world from which our website has been accessed up to January 24, 2010. This amounts to 69 countries and territories in total, listed on the right - fourteen more than in July. All the new ones are in the darker green, as on the map. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these global hits.

The new countries since July are Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Finland, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Slovenia, South Korea and Uzbekistan - a wide spread from four different continents. Perhaps we'll pick up a few more as people travel more during the summer?

What we now want to do, with your help, is to cover the entire globe in the shortest possible time. This will need everyone involved in the club to pull together to achieve this aim. How do we do this?

Well, we use the power of the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" to identify and contact all our relations, friends, business colleagues and counterparts, travellers, penpals, bebo/facebook etc. friends, acquaintances and anyone else who may be able to look in on from whichever country in which they live or are visiting. We could also ask them to ask their contacts in turn. Of course, if any of us is abroad, do take a few seconds to look in and register a hit (and keep up with your club's news of course).

All anyone has to do is to spend a few seconds of their online time to look in and register a hit on the site. If they find more of interest to them, such as the Spanish family who signed up their sons for our 2008 FAI Summer Soccer School as part of their holiday in Ireland on the basis of seeing our site, then so much the better.

From now on, we'll have a look at the usage on a periodical basis and (hopefully, have to) re-draw the global map each time so that we can see where our combined efforts take us. Let's try to be the first Irish football club to be in position to honestly say that we have a truly global reach!

So let's get going and cause a few exotic hits to be registered. We'll have a look again at the state of play during the summer.

Algeria Australia
Austria Azerbaijan
Belarus Belgium
Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina
Brazil Bulgaria
Canada China
Colombia Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Egypt
Estonia Faroe Islands
Finland France
Germany Ghana
Greece Hong Kong
Hungary Iceland
India Ireland
Israel Italy
Japan Kazakhstan
Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Macedonia
Madagascar Malaysia
Moldova Mongolia
Mozambique Netherlands
New Zealand Nigeria
Norway Pakistan
Philippines Poland
Portugal Réunion
Romania Russia
Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa
South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland
Thailand Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
United States Uzbekistan
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