Team Organisation

Some of the Club’s Rules

1.4The objectives of the club shall be:
1.4.1To promote the game of football (soccer) and to enter teams in competitions as determined from time to time by the Committee.
2.10There shall be no restrictions on children from the local community joining the Club. Brothers and sisters of existing members shall not be excluded from membership.
7.1The number of teams fielded by the club shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
7.2The league(s)/competition(s) in which teams participate will be recommended by the Managers Committee to the Executive Committee, who will have the final decision.
7.8Seven-a-side football shall be for developmental purposes. The Club considers that the emphasis should be on the development of the players’ personality/character in addition to the development of the players’ skills.

In Practice

The preferred route for new members is through our Cubs School of Excellence. This is where our five, six and seven year olds learn the basics of the game in a fun environment. During their final year in the Cubs, players participate on a rota basis in organised games against other clubs at Under-7 (U-7) level. This introduces them gradually to the formal team game in readiness for their move to the regular league and cup competitions at U-8 level. We normally have the basis for up to six U-8 squads of up to 12 players each emerging from the Cubs each season

Games at U-8 and U-9 levels are 7-a-side, while at U-10 they’re 9-a-side. From U-11 on, the full-sized game is played. The smaller sided games are played on appropriately sized pitches and using smaller, normally portable, goals.

Girls may play with the boys up to their 13th birthday, after which they must join all-girl teams. At present, Cabinteely has only a senior ladies team, but has had junior girls’ teams in the past to meet with the then demand, so these can always be re-constituted if required.

Just a word on the age system: Players may only play at their own age level, which is based on the calendar year. So, for example, players born during 1995 play at U-11 level in season 2006/7 - i.e. all players are not yet 11 years of age by January 1, 2006 (even though the season begins in August).

The club’s teams are normally entered into one of the two local leagues - the Dublin & District Schoolboy League (DDSL), which operates across all Dublin and immediately surrounding areas or the South Dublin Football League (SDFL), which only operates in Dublin south of the river Liffey. The season runs from August through to the following May, with games on Saturdays and Sundays. There are also midweek games at either end of the season. See the teams’ page for details of our teams’ distribution in the leagues and the normal days on which they play.

During summer 2006 our ladies played in (and won!) the Inter 2 South division of the Dublin Women’s Soccer League (DWSL), whose season runs from April through to September.

While most of the club’s members do enter through the Cubs, of course players of all ages may join at any time. There are certain rules that must be observed when signing players who had already been signed by other clubs. Free movement is allowed during the close season.

On receipt of an application to join, the club will seek to link the new member up with whatever team is most appropriate to their age and ability. Vacancies may not arise every season, but that would be unusual.

All applications for membership must be made through the club Administrator.