It takes many different types of meetings to effectively organise the activities of the club, as follows.

Members’ AGM
The club AGM is scheduled once per year and should be held by the September 30 following the club’s financial year end of May 31.

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Club Company Directors AGM
This is normally coincident with the members’ AGM and approves the financial statements and other company regulatory matters.

Executive Committee Meetings
This managing committee is scheduled to meet on the first Tuesday of each month during the season.

Company Directors’ Meetings
These are held as required throughout the year and may be coincident with individual Executive Committee meetings.

Managers’ Meetings
Managers meetings are scheduled once every month during the football season – September to May - normally on the second Tuesday in each month. The 7- and 9-a-side managers meet at 2000, while the 11-a-side meetings are scheduled for 2100.

Team Meetings
Teams normally meet once or twice a week for training and once per week for their games. Each manager will advise their own team of their meeting dates, times and venues.

Coaching Sessions & Meetings
Our Director of Coaching will attend and organise FAI coaching sessions for managers and coaches as available and required throughout the year.

League Meetings
Our club secretaries are obliged to attend league (DDSL, SDFL, DWSL) meetings on a regular basis, up to monthly during the season

Fás Scheme Directors’ Meetings
These are normally held monthly and are for the purpose of co-ordinating and directing the activities of the Fás scheme in which the club participates.

KPP Committee Meetings
These are normally held every few months and more frequently if required.

County Council Meetings
Various committee members and other club officials need to regularly meet with councillors and County Council officials as topics need to be discussed – e.g. pitch allocation, availability & usage, park developments, park activities such as our Mini World Cup, park problems & issues.