Plenty of play but no great joy for Cougars
As you know, this morning our two Cabo Cougars squads (pictured above, together)  had their last Special Olympics Eastern Region league games of the season out in Rathcoole.

Each of our two teams had two games, with Cabo 1 knowing that they’d come top of the league if they could get the better of Dundrum.

However, things didn’t go quite as the Cabo lads had hoped – Cabo 1 did beat Sporting Fingal on a 7-0 scoreline in their first game but, unfortunately, came up short, on a 4-7 scoreline, against Dundrum in the big one.

Cabo 2 drew 5-5 with Sports Club 15 in their first match and also lost, by 2-5, against Dundrum. Sounds as if Dundrum just have the strongest team around as they took the league title.

The lads would like to thank coaches Tommy, Jock, Tony and Kellie for all their hard work and input and all the supporters for their support throughout the season.

Well done to all the lads, their coaches and loyal band of supporters!