The club is essentially a community football club, providing football for local children in Cabinteely and surrounding areas. Well over 100 adults, mostly parents, but including a number of past members and professionally-qualified coaches, give generously and voluntarily of their time to work incessantly week in, week out to ensure that our 60 teams (2017/18) and introductory School of Excellence section experience regular organised football in a developmental environment.

While we do seek to provide an environment where those children who have a talent for the game can develop their abilities and aspire to play football at the highest level attainable, we do operate on the basis that the vast majority simply want to have an organised game of football with their friends on a regular basis.

The club fully subscribes to the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children’s Sport, as promulgated by the Irish Sports Council and supported by the FAI and the various leagues in which we play. In that respect Declan Traynor (086 227 4999) is our Child Protection Officer.

Membership currently (season 2017/18) stands at about 900 in total, including players from age four right up to seniors, with dedicated sections for girls, ladies, Special Needs and Football For All.


In Practice

Most new members initially join our School of Excellence as four, five, six and seven year olds. Then, each season, the oldest age group – both boys and girls – in the School is organised into teams for formal league football at U-8 level. Each season, we normally have the basis for up to six U-8 squads of up to twelve players each emerging from the School. During their final year in the School, players participate in non-competitive U-8 games with other local clubs.

Outside of that, we welcome individual new members to join the club at all ages, right up to adult (both men and ladies). It would be preferable to make yourself known to the club before the start of the season, in August each year. Girls, if not in a dedicated girls team, may play with the boys only up to their 13th birthday.

There are certain rules that must be observed when signing players who had already been signed by other clubs. Free movement is allowed during the close season (June to August), with a full transfer deadline in mid-October. Of course if you haven’t before played for any football club, you may join at any time during the year, but may need an assessment.

Note that players firstly become club members on acceptance of their completed membership form and the relevant fee, after which they will be allocated to individual teams on the basis of an assessment by the Director of Coaching or his nominee, normally the Age Group Co-ordinator and/or manager/coach of the senior team at their age group.

For football league registration, legal and insurance purposes the membership form must be fully completed and signed and the appropriate fee paid prior to participation in any club activity.


Current Openings

If you have an interest in joining the club, please contact our Admin Team team in the first instance.

Page last updated: August 28, 2017